Friday, March 7, 2014

The funniest thing I've ever done

On a certain Friday I was substitute teaching at a certain school. This particular lesson plan required an odd amount of travel. To the Library, back to the classroom. To the library again. Too the office. I was tromping my little teacher self all over that school and everywhere I went I ended up with this pen in my hand.  I didn't mean to carry it all over, but everywhere I ended up I'd realize "oh! I still have this pen in my hand!" At the library: "Oh! I still have this pen in my hand!" In the classroom: "Oh! I still have this Pen in my hand!" Then I wen to the bathroom and "Oh my goodness! I still have this blasted pen in my hand." I had a seat on the toilet and looked up to find a paper taped to the stall door.  The paper read "Please Flush" At the bottom a couple of what I can only assume where high school girls made some comments.  "Really?!" one girl wrote, "high schoolers have to be told to flush?" A second comment read "apparently flushing is to much to expect for high school students".  The bathroom. The sign. And there I sat... with this pen in my hand:).

The sign now reads "Please Flush Twice If Needed"